IoT Based Development

Understanding how users and things can interplay for better outcomes, we power IoT providers and enterprise adopters on their ways to unlock the business value of connected devices. Particularly, we help:

  • IoT solution providers and software vendors:
  • to develop and bring to market new IoT applications with sustained value for enterprise adopters across industries
  • Off-the-shelf IoT platform providers:
  • to increase functional capabilities and perfect their technologies towards more interoperability, security and scalability
  • System integrators:
  • to implement complete IoT ecosystems and tailor their offerings to end customers’ needs
  • Businesses and municipalities:
  • to unveil new product or service opportunities as well as make better decisions based on enhanced analytics
Our IoT applications are used in smart homes and yachts, intelligent street and industrial lighting, hotel rooms, test cars and more.

IoT Application Development Services

We focus on every aspect of IoT ecosystems above low-level programming for hardware, including:

  • High-level programming for sensors and devices
  • Software for gateways
  • Data storage, processing and analytics in the cloud or in a LAN
  • Web and mobile end-user apps

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